Innovative Reagents and One-touch Automation Systems






Gaudilliere et al 2014


Automated Sample Prep

The Smart Tube System is a compact, fully automated system that replaces hours of highly skilled, labor-intensive sample processing and ensures an unparalleled level of consistency and reproducibility.



Ease of Use

Walk-away simplicity. Add freshly collected whole blood to the instrument and, at the end of the automated prep, the samples can be directly placed in the freezer.



  • Automated one-touch operation
  • Temperature controlled
  • Optimized for whole blood
  • Incubates with drug of interest
  • No centrifuge or water bath needed to freeze samples
  • Small 8.5" x 11" footprint

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    See how the authors of Cytometry's Paper of the Year used Smart Tube reagents to analyze 33 epitopes simultaneously by CyTOF

    Smart Tube products are now available for online purchase through Fisher Scientific

    Let us pre-load Smart Tubes with your reagents: ask about LyoSpheres




Science Translational Medicine cover article:
"Clinical recovery from surgery correlates with single-cell immune signatures"

New York Times:
"After Surgery, Predicitng a Speedy Recovery"








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